With the steep growth of consumption of tea around the world, we at Rhino felt with the right professional partnerships of dependable and quality conscious tea exporters in Sri Lanka, we could create a superior and exciting blend of teas to the discerning tea lover.

Hence the Rhino Brand of Teas.

The blend for rhino teas is a single source tea import. They are manufactured from the best yeilding estates having the perfect climate and carefully packed for the market.


The official opening of RHINOTEAS first retail outlet in Mississauga, Ont. Canada

Rhino Teas Opening

Rhino Teas Opening 1

Rhino Teas Opening 2

Rhino Teas Opening 3

The retail outlet was opened by Prof.Dr. Willie Mendis & the guests of hon. were Mr.Upali Obeyesekara, President Canada/Sri Lanka Business Council & Mr.H.B.Herath trade commissioner/ deputy counsel general for Sri Lanka in Toronto.

Probably the first Pure Ceylon Tea retail outlet in the whole of Ontario to be operated by a Sri Lankan.


Another Tea site? Don't think so. Rhino teas has been in the planning for more than two years between Mervyn and Tariq Mendis in Toronto and Alberta, Canada. It's our baby. We are now pleased to present it to the world of teas.

Holiday Teas & Other Exciting BlendsPress Release

A revolution in Ceylon tea blends - 4 exciting and exotic blends now available in North America for the first time

We would like to bring your attention to 4 blends from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) that has attracted a lot of excitement and interest in the world of teas....


The ultimate tea gift for Christmas


Three more exciting products join the Rhino Family
Our New Range

Sri Lankan Opens a Pure Ceylon Tea Outlet in the GTA

Rhino Droppings

Knowledge on the health benefits can be found just about anywhere. They can be easily googled or read in every health magazine. We understand this. We are here to help. Rhino Teas will summarize recent informative findings from newspapers, magazines & journals of science and post them for you concisely and correctly. Please submit any questions you may have regarding tea.

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